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Nedbank home and car show

’Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — NedBank Lesotho held a home and car show at Pioneer Mall in Maseru yesterday. The bank’s marketing manager, ’Mampine Rabotho, said clients can get a loan from the bank to buy a car or house without deposit. Such loans can be approved within a day, she said.

“If a client qualifies to get a vehicle and a loan approved they can get a car without a deposit and the offer stands until end of August,” Rabotho said. “Applications are currently approved within 24 hours if a client has all the needed documents.” Requirements for acquiring a car loan at NedBank Lesotho include evidence that a car is sold, a certified copy of a valid passport, proof of payment like a pay slip, confirmation of employment stating terms and conditions of employment, valuation of the car, and the approval by a car dealer to allow the bank’s valuators to do their own valuation.

Other requirements are a life assurance policy equivalent to the loan. Different car models were at the display at the mall. To get a home loan clients are expected to put up a 10 percent deposit. “With this show we have a pot of information needed by our clients,” she said.

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