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Naledi woman blows whistle on Danish husband


Danish Mr Frederiksen Peter
Danish Mr Frederiksen Peter

…police find businessman with genitalia from 21 women suspected to be Basotho

Keiso Mohloboli

A Danish businessman married to a Mosotho woman and operating a fireman business in Maseru, Peter Frederiksen, is in police custody after he was found with genitalia from 21 women in his freezer.

Frederiksen (63) was arrested at his Bloemfontein home on 17 September and was not asked to plead when he first appeared in the Bloemfontein High Court last Monday.

The Dane, who also owns another firearm business in Bloemfontein, is expected back in court tomorrow for his bail application.

The Sunday Express tracked his 24-year-old estranged wife in Naledi yesterday where her sister said she had gone to “do her nails” in town.

The woman would not speak to the Sunday Express and told her sister: “Just tell them I have no comment to make to the media about that issue”.

However, her husband has since claimed the body parts belong to his wife “because she befriends witchdoctors”.

According to South African and Danish media reports, the parts are suspected to have been taken from Lesotho women who were “operated on” after being drugged.

The reports also suggest the wife could also have been a victim of the brutality and that Frederiksen collected the genitalia as trophies.

The South African police have appealed to anyone who can led them to the victims to come forward with the information.

Hawks spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi was quoted by the Saturday Star: “We are in constant contact with the Lesotho police. We view this as a serious crime.

“The police are aware the issue is embarrassing for the victims and this means we will face challenges in tracking them down. However, we encourage them to come forward as this will assist us with our investigations.”

Lesotho Mounted Police Service spokesperson, Clifford Molefe, yesterday said he could not comment on the issue but only that Frederiksen has a pending assault case in Lesotho.

Senior Inspector Molefe said: “I don’t want to comment on a case that is being handled by the South African Police Service (SAPS) because I don’t know the details. I can only report that Mr Frederiksen’s wife, who is a Mosotho, reported an aggravated assault case on 18 June 2015.

“Mr Frederiksen was arrested for contravening Section 31 of the Penal Code of 2010 which clearly shows that assault is a crime. He was released the same day because he was very sick but I can’t disclose his illness.

“However, police investigations are still in progress.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Associated Press (AP) upon his arrest, Frederiksen said he and his wife split earlier this year and accused the woman of befriending witchdoctors.

“I have told her to come and fetch these things (referring to the genitalia); it is her fridge,” he said.

He further told the news agency he was allowed to photograph women being circumcised while visiting the remote areas of Lesotho.

According to Mail Online, Frederiksen allegedly told the police he kept a record of every body part, who it belonged to and when it was removed. South African police are quoted as saying his first alleged victim was in 2010.

Police also found a video of a woman being operated on, as well as child pornography images. They also found medical surgical equipment and anaesthetic during their search at Frederiksen’s Central Free State house.

According to the Daily Star, Frederiksen fled prosecution for illegal possession of weapons in Denmark and sought South African citizenship in 2006.

It was not immediately clear when he married the Mosotho woman, or when he opened his business in Lesotho, but the South African media yesterday reported she had abandoned the couple’s two children aged two and four and come to Maseru.

The children were reportedly placed in the care of social workers, and speculation is it was the woman who lifted the lid on her husband’s gruesome pastime as she also lost her “body part” to Frederiksen.

Asked if she knew of the case, and that Frederiksen was claiming he did not know anything about the body-parts, the woman’s sister said “how could he?” before suddenly terminating the conversation.




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