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Nalana ditches Swallows

Moorosi Tsiane

SWALLOWS coach Nthako Nalana has dumped the relegation threatened Mazenod outfit citing lack of commitment from both the players and the management.

Swallows, which returned to the premiership at the start of this season, has been chopping and changing coaches with Nalana being their third coach this season after Lerotho ‘Sunday’ Ntšonyana and Phafoli Mokhotso.

The former LMPS mentor had joined Swallows in January this year after he was released by Simunye.

Nalana told the Sunday Express on Thursday that he decided to quit after attending a training session last Monday.

He said one of the factors that made him quit was lack of commitment from his players who took turns to attend training sessions. He also complained about the club’s poor administration.

“I was in a very frustrating situation because when I joined the team it was already struggling and my aim was to help but unfortunately, I did not get the support that I expected,” Nalana said.

“My players would take turns to abscond training sessions and I have informed the management and they seem not to care because they never attended to the issue.”

He said he ended up deciding to leave to save his name and also avoid stress.

Nalana said he had no problems in coaching Swallows if all stakeholders were willing to work hard.

“I have told them many times that when we all work together and work hard, it doesn’t really bother me much when we lose because we lose as a team and the blame is not shouldered by one person and also, when we win, we do so as a team but things were different.”

He said up to Thursday, the team’s management is was yet to respond to his resignation.

“I don’t think they care. I had hoped that since we were not playing due to the LNIG Top8 quarter finals, MGC Spectacular and the international break. One would have thought this was the right time to go back to the drawing board and clean up our house but only three or four players would attend the training session.

“I called the administration on Monday and up to today (Thursday) they still haven’t said anything. Not that I would return to work if they asked, but people who care about their team would behave differently,” Nalana concluded.


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