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Mthibo music hits international airwaves

Lerato Matheka

MASERU — Local kwaito star Mthibo is a man on the ascendancy.

His two singles which were released in November last year are making waves on local and South African radio stations.

The popular kwaito artist said the two singles — Jump and Reverse and Summer Song had proved to be quite popular with local and South African audiencies.

He said he had worked with top radio personalities and kwaito artistes — Mic Cheker, Palycetra and Sneezo — to produce the albums.

Mthibo said he featured the three radio personalities because he wanted to come up with something fresh on the two albums.

“The three have been in the industry for some time now but were not fully recognised.

“I had always wanted to work with as many local artistes as possible and for this project they were available,” Mthibo said.

He said the trio had played a critical role in the compilation because they all had rich backgrounds in the kwaito music industry.

“It was a pleasure to work with such kwaito talents for a start.

“Now people will see that there is kwaito talent in the country and this will clear the confusion surrounding the genre,” Mthibo said.

The four artistes were in Johannesburg, South Africa, last week to shoot the Summer Song music video.

“The music video will be receiving air play on the local television station and other South African music channels,” Mthibo said.

He said he was also seeking to promote the kwaito music genre to the outside world.

“The singles are receiving fair airplay on the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation radio stations, community radio stations in South Africa as well as on our own local radio stations,” Mthibo said.

He said he was already planning to venture into music video production.

“The singles were released in November and were promoted on local radio stations.

“Now I am working on releasing and promoting music videos for indoor partying because the weather is going to be  cold very soon,” Mthibo said.

He said the singles were a precursor to the release of his album later this year.

“My mandate is to release an album annually but the Lesotho Haeso Music Awards were postponed last year.

“I therefore had to hold the release of my third album,” Mthibo said.

People’s Choice FM presenter Palycetra, who worked on the two albums, told Xpress People that the project had proved quite exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

“The project was very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time because one does not know what type of criticism is being passed on the South African side of the market,” she said.

She said the experience had helped her realise her potential in the music industry.

“I released a two-track demo in 2008 but never took time to market and promote it.

“But now I yearn to extend the demo into a full-length album because I feel confident again,” Palycetra said.

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