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Mr CEO selects school fees beneficiary

Nthatuoa Koeshe

FASHION Grill founder Tshepang Moilwa, also known as Mr CEO, says he has found a child to sponsor with school fees.

This after running a five-month long social media campaign in search for a beneficiary of his charitable initiative.

In the campaign, people were asked to comment on the status with name of child they felt needed assistance coupled with a message in Mr CEO’s inbox explaining why they felt the child needed assistance.

Five months later, Mr CEO has found the right candidate and says instead of the initial one-year sponsorship, he has now increased the sponsorship to two years.

He also attests that the process has been “one of the hardest things” he has ever done.

“Choosing one was one of the hardest things that I have ever done,” Mr CEO said.

“The stories that were shared were equally worthy to get assistance so much that I wished I could help every child.”

The chosen beneficiary is a 14-year-old boy from Motimposo, Maseru. He resides with his unemployed grandmother and his younger sibling.

The boy dropped out of Maseru High School where he was in Grade 8 last year after failing to pay school fees and has since then stayed at home.

Mr CEO said the boy would have to find another school that will allow him to start over his secondary education.

“I want him to enroll at a school that can groom him and I am only moving him because I know that a new environment is vital in the learning process especially after initially dropping out.”

Mr CEO said he would provide the boy’s school fees, stationery and other needs for two years. He however, said he would help the boy secure further sponsorship for the third year although he may be forced to continue sponsoring him if no takers are found.

“At his age, there are a lot of distractions so I will ensure that he gets guidance so that he finds purpose in life because at the end of the day, I do not want him to pave a road that leads him nowhere.”

He said he chose the boy because of his evident ambition to turn his family’s life around.

Mr CEO said he also felt it was necessary to help a boy since most efforts are being channeled towards helping girls.

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