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MP alleges assassination plot

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Caswell Tlali

MASERU — Controversial All Basotho Convention (ABC) youth leader and MP, Libe Moremoholo, says there is a plot to assassinate him.

Moremoholo says he escaped being kidnapped by a whisker last week.

He said his friends who are members of Lesotho’s security forces helped him escape the abduction on Tuesday night.

Surprisingly neither Moremoholo nor his friends reported the alleged incident to the police.

Moremoholo is the only one talking about his near kidnap as the friends he mentions remain anonymous.

He told the Sunday Express on Thursday that he was a guest at a People’s Choice FM’s evening programme when he received information that there were people who had allegedly come to kidnap him.

Moremoholo said the three friends approached him when he went out of the radio studio.

“They entered the lift with me and told me that they had come to protect me because there were some armed people outside who had come to abduct me,” Moremoholo said.

“I was shocked especially when they told me that my trips to my Likhetlane home constituency and where I live in Khubetsoana have been carefully studied,” he said.

Moremoholo said on Tuesday night after the friends broke the news to him he took a taxi to Khubetsoana where he lives.

His friends, he said, followed him in two cars, a sedan and a 4×4 vehicle.

When they arrived at his home his friends put him in the sedan and they drove along the road to Teya-Teyaneng.

He claims that three of his armed friends rode with him in the sedan while the other four followed them in the 4×4.

He said they were taking him to his home in Likhetlane in Leribe.

“When we approached Lifariking near the abattoir, they showed me a car that sped past us,” he said.

“That car, they said, was the one whose occupants were planning to kidnap me. My friends immediately produced rifles from under their seats, he said.

They also gave him an army helmet to put on.

The speeding car flashed hazard lights and another car that seemed to have been parked in Ha-Foso, about a kilometre from Lifariking, did the same.

“At this time our driver made a U-turn and drove back,” he said.

“They told me that the cars that were waiting were too many and it was not safe to continue.”

Moremoholo said the friends took him to Mabote Police Station but instead of getting inside to report the matter they just parked outside.

“They said they would catch and hand over to the police our pursuer who was in that speeding car,” he said.

“As for the others, they said they would deal with them.”

Moremoholo and his armed friends stayed at the police office grounds until around 2:30 am when they took him back to his Khubetsoana home.

“They told me to get inside the house and assured me that they would be outside to see what would happen.”

When asked why he had not reported the matter to the police Moremoholo said it was because he had lost faith in them.

He said before the 2007 elections a man in his village attacked his 70-year-old father and the matter was reported to Maputsoe police who did nothing about it.

The man, Moremoholo said, still harasses his father.

 “I have not reported my case to the police because I have no confidence in the minister responsible for the police,” Moremoholo said.

“I do not want police minister, (Lesao) Lehohla, to laugh at my crisis,” he said. 

Last month the ethics committee banned Moremoholo from speaking in parliament or to the media for 12 months after it found him guilty of leaking information in a parliamentary committee report before it was tabled in the august House. 

The report was on the state of Lesotho’s sporting facilities, according to the complaint that social cluster committee on health, social welfare and sports submitted to the ethics committee.

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