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Mountain King to be screened at Ster kinekor

Mohalenyane Phakela


MASERU — Phokeng Communications in collaboration with Moraka-Pula Productions on Friday began screening a new documentary, Moshoeshoe: The Mountain King, at Ster Kinekor in Maseru. The documentary film is based on the life of King Moshoeshoe I the legendary founder of the Basotho nation. The film is being shown to primary and secondary school students around the country.

“Initially, it was never our intention to have this kind of initiative. After releasing the film and trying to sell its DVD’s, the most response we got was from primary and secondary school students,” Hlathe Moteane, Phokeng Communications project manager, said at the launch of the film. “Having noticed the high demand of the documentary and considering the fact that not all families can afford to buy its own copy, we decided to bring about the project of this nature so as to enable everyone to watch it.”

Moteane added: “We approached a number of schools around the country to pitch the idea to them. Maseru-based schools gave us a more positive response compared to those in other districts.” Makhethe Pomane, who is overseeing the project, said the film will not be shown to all schools. “Although it was our dream that every school has a chance to witness their founder’s documentary, this was not possible due to lack of funds. We will show the film to some schools in Maseru and five schools from other districts.”

Schools around town will watch the film at Ster Kinekor cinema and those in far areas will watch it in their school halls, Pomane said. She said the entry price had been slashed significantly to make it affordable to most students.

Pomane said they plan to eventually make the film accessible to all students in Lesotho. Speaking about the film, its writer and director, Kalosi Bantu Ramakhula, said the film seeks to remind Basotho of their roots. “You can never know your future unless you know where you come from. Basotho need first to learn of their culture and how it came into existence for them to be a solid nation,” he said.

The documentary relates how Basotho became a nation and how King Moshoeshoe I used his intelligence to win wars during his time. The film features historians like George Makara, Stephen Gill and Prime Minister Thomas Thabane who talk about his roots. On Friday students from Tholoan’a Bophelo Primary School were the first to benefit from the initiative.

“We feel much favored to be the first school having watched the film, we believe it will help us academically,” Mojalefa Koetlisi, one of the teachers, said. Tiisetso Molelle, a student who gave a vote of thanks at the screening, said: “As students at Tholoan’a Bophelo, we have learned quite a lot about the history of our beloved country and this information will boost our performance in our studies for what the eye witnesses sticks in the mind, than what is read,” Molelle said.

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