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Motivational workshop to focus on youths


Pascalinah Kabi

AN international organisation dedicated to cultivating positive attributes among the youth is set to hold a three-day “Mind Education Workshop” in Maseru starting tomorrow.

According to International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Lesotho Country Director, Johan Hong, the organisation was founded in South Korea with the aim of transforming youths into responsible people who can make positive contributions to society.

The organisation was established in Lesotho last September after officials from the ministries of Education and Training Ministry as well as Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation attended a World Camp in South Korea.

Mr Hong said the main activities at the workshop would be cultural arts performances and “mind lectures” where leadership experts share their personal stories. Up to 2 000 youths from universities, colleges, high schools and rehabilitation centres are expected to attend the workshop.

Mr Hong said lack of leadership and negligence contributed to self-destructive behaviour among youths.

“Young people fall into drug and alcohol addictions because they are not mentally strong enough to cope with problems. They end up blaming other people for the scars in their hearts,” he said.

IYF Good News Corps volunteer, Kang Jeon Ui, said he had been teaching local youths to cope with the country’s high disease burden through art.

“I have been in Lesotho for two months, and through my interactions with the youth, I gathered that they were worried about the high disease burden in this country. We are using dance and karate to introduce them to mental education to help them to cope,” said Mr Ui, a dance and karate instructor.

“Before I joined IYF I used to do very bad things. I troubled my parents and they used to cry a lot. However, I am now using my qualifications and experience to help Basotho transform their mindset.”

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