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Mother arrested over son’s murder


…three-year-old son’s head discovered near cemetery while rest of the body cannot be located

’Mantoetse Maama

THE mother of a three-year-old boy whose head was found near a Maputsoe cemetery on 7 November has been arrested, alongside her younger sister.

The women, aged 35 and 29 respectively, were nabbed a day after an 11-year-old boy found the decapitated head near the graveyard located in Ha Nyenye village in the industrial town of Maputsoe.

Acting Police Spokesperson Thato Ramarikhoana told the Sunday Express the sisters were being kept in police custody for their own protection and while investigations continue.

Senior Inspector Ramarikhoana said the women, who shared a flat in Maputsoe, were being treated as suspects in the alleged murder of the boy whose other body parts have not yet been recovered.

“Police investigations have revealed that an 11-year-old boy found the head of the three-year-old boy near a cemetery located in Ha Nyenye in Maputsoe on 7 November.

“The boy had thought it was a soccer-ball, only to realise later that it was a human head.

“He immediately informed the elders, who reported the case to the police. When the police arrived at the scene, they realised that the baby’s head had been cut-off and also found some ashes close-by. The head was taken to the mortuary while the ashes are being analysed,” Senior Inspector Ramarikhoana said.

Senior Inspector Ramarikhoana further said the following day, local residents caught the two women, who are street vendors, and grilled them over the issue.

“On 8 November, local villagers caught the two sisters as they suspected that they could have been involved in the murder of the child,” he said.

“One of the women was the mother of the child, and appeared to have been missing her son but had not reported the case. The angry mob wanted to beat-up the women and also burn down their homes because they strongly suspected them in the death of the child.”

“The villagers became suspicious after they realised that the son of the 35-year-old woman had disappeared, yet she never seemed worried about it and had not even reported him missing to the police,” Senior Inspector Ramarikhoana said.

“The police had to take the women into custody to protect them from the villagers and also help in the investigation of this case. The women were both hawkers and rented a flat in Ha Nyenye village.

“When the police asked them where they originally came from since they were renting a house in Maputsoe, they lied that they were from Malingoaneng village in Mokhotlong, yet they came from Ha Takalimane village in Leribe.

“The truth about their original home was revealed by their parents, who were also shocked to learn that their daughter had a three-year-old child. The parents told the police that they had not seen their children for a long time and never knew that they had a grandson.”

The two women are still in police custody, Senior Inspector Ramarikhoana said, adding that they will face murder charges when they are eventually taken to court.

“The police have applied for the women’s further detention, while investigations into the case continue,” he said.

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