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Mosisili says Litšoane needs rehabilitation

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MASERU — Democratic Congress (DC) leader Pakalitha Mosisili says Agriculture Minister Litšoane Litšoane must be rehabilitated for “allegedly assaulting and sexually harassing” his domestic worker on September 6.

Ntate Litšoane must be sent to jail where other men are being kept for rehabilitation. He needs to be rehabilitated so that he can become human again,” Mosisili said.

Mosisili made the call on Independence Day while addressing a party rally in the Bela-Bela constituency won by Litšoane under the ruling All Basotho Convention (ABC) banner in the May 2012 national assembly poll.

The Lesotho Times reported last week that Litšoane’s domestic worker ‘Maneo Moifo alleged that she was sexually harassed and later physically assaulted by the minister for spurning his sexual advances.

Mosisili said when former trade and industry Minister Temeki Tšolo was fired he commended Prime Minister Thomas Thabane for the stance he took saying Tšolo’s “behaviour was unbecoming for a minister of his Majesty’s government”.

“Tšolo had done a bad thing that degraded his ministerial position but after learning about the allegations leveled against Litšoane, if they are true, then what he allegedly did is worse than what Tšolo did,” said Mosisili.

Mosisili insisted the rule of law must be seen to be prevailing on the alleged case against Litšoane.

“I have nothing against Litšoane as he is also from my clan’s name, but I had mentioned the allegations against him after learning about the incident through the rumor mill.

“When time went by and more information was revealed I realised his actions warranted that he be sent for rehabilitation,” Mosisili charged.

Mosisili added that Mojakisane Lisene, the ABC’s former constituency chairman leading 322 defectors who joined his DC at the same rally had also emphasised that “there is never smoke without fire.”

Mosisili said Moifo could not have fabricated such damning allegations against someone who hired her “unless there’s some truth to it”.

“I learned that Paseka Moifo and ‘Maneo Moifo reported the matter to the local chief who said the allegations against a minister were beyond his jurisdiction and they should be reported to the police,” Mosisili said.

“And there are even claims that Litšoane even sent his driver to sway Moifo not to report the matter to the police.”

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