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Mosisili makes shock claims


DC leader says some party members are holding secret meetings with the ABC and plotting to form coalition government

Billy Ntaote

Democratic Congress (DC) leader Pakalitha Mosisili yesterday said some members of his party were holding secret meetings with the opposition All Basotho Convention (ABC) and plotting to form a coalition government.

The prime minister, who made the remarks while opening the DC’s elective conference in Ha Foso, also took a swipe at party members who believe he no longer appealed to the electorate because he was now too old.

“My responsibility is to also warn you, my fellow party members, of the danger that would befall you, a danger that would come to our party if we do not listen, if you do not depart from your deeds that are wide off the mark,” Dr Mosisili said.

“If I was to remain silent and you die in politics, and the DC vanishes from the politics of Lesotho, I would be to blame for your blood, the lifeblood of the DC. However, if you decide not to listen, you will still die in the politics of Lesotho. I know some of you want to form a coalition with the ABC and govern together, but that would lead to your loss as a party.

“The only difference would be that you will be to blame and not me, as the leader, for your loss, the loss of the DC.

“The choice is yours. This makes me recall an old song that we used to sing that says one should choose which route to take; whether one takes a route that serves the foreigners, the whites, or a route that serves the people. However, today instead of talking about the whites that the song was urging us to desist from serving, I am now warning you from serving the nationalists (the ABC and Basotho National Party).

“I am saying this because some of you are saying you’re going to govern with the nationalists.”

Dr Mosisili urged the conference to elect leaders who are going to make the DC a formidable party. The party was choosing its new National Executive Committee (NEC) last night and the results are expected to be released today. In his address, Dr Mosisili further acknowledged the DC’s partners in government, namely the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), Popular Front for Democracy (PFD), Lesotho People’s Congress (LPC), Basotho Congress Party (BCP), Marematlou Freedom Party (MFP) and National Independent Party (NIP).

“Remember that we are leading a coalition government. We should accept our partners’ contribution in the formation of this coalition government and make them feel valued.

“Everyone should see the benefits of being part of this coalition. Our partners in the coalition should see how trustworthy we are as the DC.

“They should see the benefit of forming a coalition government with us as opposed to those who always do summersaults on their promises. I say that because I hear and know that some of you are having secret meetings with nationalists and I know you  have been saying you are going to be governing with them,” Dr Mosisili said.

However, the prime minister said such actions make the DC’s coalition partners lose confidence in the party.

“Such action weakens our partners’ confidence in us. They are asking themselves why some of their coalition partners from the DC are attending secret meetings with the opposition when they think they are already in a coalition government.

“You should ask Ntate (Tšeliso) Mokhosi here about those people you are crawling to as he has been in partnership with them before,” said Dr Mosisili.

Dr Mosisili then tore into party members who believe he was to blame for the party’s failure to win urban constituencies  in last year’s snap election.

“Some people say I cannot be marketed to the public anymore. If that is the case, why is it that you also cry for the leader to visit your home constituencies during election campaigns?

“If it is true that the leader is the one who makes you lose elections because he is old as you claim (loud applause), how come, my bosses, that your constituencies vote for the ABC whose leader is older than me?  (loud applause).

“As the leader, I stand for elections in my own home constituency of Tšoelike No71 where I’ve always won elections.

“In Tšoelike, there is not even an inch of tarred road in the whole constituency while you, in the urban areas, the tarred roads enter people’s gates. You are the ones who contest elections in your constituencies and are beaten by nationalists,” said Dr Mosisili.

The DC leader reiterated that he should not be used as a scapegoat when the party loses some constituencies.

“Stop making me your scapegoat. I am saying this today, and I repeat. It’s been said that the leader is old. And I repeat it today. Why are you losing elections to the ABC whose leader is older than the DC leader?

“Look at me and take Lekhoakhoa’s picture and compare us. Maybe it is time for us to think about making a policy that a person who loses elections twice in a row should stand aside and let others try their luck,” said Dr Mosisili.

The premier also took time to talk about his government’s stance on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Commission of Inquiry report.

Dr Mosisili said the SADC report into the country’s instability, would be legally published when parliament reconvenes on 8 February, without giving a hint whether he would meet the regional bloc’s deadline to release it not later than 1 February 2016, which is tomorrow.

Meanwhile, ABC Secretary General, Samonyane Ntsekele yesterday said Dr Mosisili should be aware that “old political rhetoric tactics are out-fashioned and we have entered an era where politics have changed”.

He added: “We now know that we are not enemies if we are from different political parties with different colours. We know that all that differs are our parties’ ideologies and I don’t believe our meetings are wrong or ill-intentioned.

“What matters is that he should lead the way as the party leader and not blame people.”

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