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More charges for SA ‘serial rapist’

Billy Ntaote

ALLEGED South African serial rapist, Mokena Nhlapo, faces 46 criminal charges including the kidnapping and trafficking of persons for sexual purposes after he was recently denied bail by the Fouriesburg Magistrate Court in South Africa.

The 39-year-old Nhlapo was arrested on 1 June this year in Fouriesburg, South Africa by Bethlehem FCS Detectives after a Mosotho woman accused him of raping her.

Nhlapo is believed to have raped many more local women after luring them to Fouriesburg with promises to give them money, jobs and accommodation in South Africa.

He is facing charges of kidnapping, trafficking of persons for sexual purposes, assault, pointing of a firearm, rape, extortion, crimen injuria, and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Nhlapo appeared before the Fouriesburg Magistrate Court on 31 July in connection with the plethora of charges and on that day his bail application was denied.

At the time of his arrest, South African police said Nhlapo was facing rape charges relating to a complaint laid by a Mosotho woman in her 20s, who alleged that the suspect lured her through social media.

The unsuspecting victim accepted a Facebook invitation to become Nhlapo’s friend from the suspect in February 2018.

The police statement further said that the victim met the suspect in person in April and she was taken to a house in Fouriesburg where the alleged rape crimes were committed.

Following Nhlapo’s arrest, as a result of the victim’s complaint, South African police invited possible victims to come forward and give evidence.

Basotho were asked to visit the South African High Commission offices in Maseru on Thursday to testify against Nhlapo and several women came forward to give evidence against Nhlapo.

“As a result, Nhlapo now faces 11 counts of Rape, 10 counts of Assault, 4 counts of kidnapping, 5 counts of human trafficking, 2 counts of pointing of firearm, 1 count of possession of firearm, 2 counts of crimen injuria, 1 count of extortion, 2 counts of sexual assault, 1 count of attempted rape, 2 counts of intimidation and 1 count of theft,” a prosecutor told the MNNCIJ.

MNNCIJ recently visited the Fouriesburg Magistrates’ Court and established that Nhlapo’s case will be heard either at the Bethlehem regional court or at the Bloemfontein High Court due to the magnitude and complexity of the charges he is facing.


How Nhlapo lured unsuspecting victims’ to his Fouriesburg lair

More than 46 women have come forward to present their cases against Nhlapo since the first case was reported against him by Bevule.

The suspect Nhlapo allegedly lured women who were 18 years old or even younger with promises of finding them jobs in South Africa.

Nhlapo is said to have used social media platforms to carefully select his targets.

He allegedly presented himself to his unsuspecting targets as a concerned friend and made them feel he could be trusted by being compassionate and showing empathy through inbox messages on Facebook.

For instance, he would bait his targets by studying their social media posts and whenever they needed for help, he would be the first to offer emotional support. The unsuspecting targets would pour out their hearts out to him.

In instances when his targets showed signs of being in financial distress, he would then offer them job opportunities in South Africa.

He would prove himself to be a ‘friend’ by offering to pick them at the South African border and drive them to the ‘job interviews’.

Most of his victims were picked from the Maseru Bridge and the Maputsoe border posts.

Some of the victims were picked from the Caledonspoort Border post, the major crossing in the northern district of Butha-Buthe into his Nhlapo’s hometown of Fouriesburg.

Along the way to the ‘job interviews,’ Nhlapo would suddenly change course and inform his victims that he had to urgently pass through a friend’s place.

Upon arrival at the so-called friend’s place, the victims would then be forced to drink spiked alcoholic beverages or be drugged. Sometimes the victims were forced to drink or take drugs at gunpoint.

From that point on, Nhlapo would allegedly shed off his ‘Nice Guy’ character and transform into a sex-crazed beast who demanded that the women be intimate with him. Those who refused were raped at gunpoint in a room reportedly fitted with video cameras to capture his depraved actions.

Last year in April, this publication carried a story about Nhlapo’s alleged scandals. He was accused of duping local models of thousands of maloti after promising them modelling contracts and prizes.

He also allegedly demanded sexual favours from the models he lured to South Africa to ensure they were awarded the contracts. The victims who had spoken to this publication had reported to Fouriesburg police.

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