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Money week campaign extended


Staff Reporter

THE Central Bank of Lesotho’s (CBL) annual “Money Week” campaign has been extended to a “Money Month” to enable more coverage of topics and audiences.

The CBL organises the annual public awareness campaign in conjunction with financial sector players to equip the public with skills and techniques to better manage their finances.

This year’s edition kicks off tomorrow and runs until 31 October 2017. It is being held under the theme “I Take control of my money. Do you?”

According to a press statement issued by the CBL this past week, during the campaign, members of the public will be educated on how to: manage money; become wise consumers; and manage risks and emotions associated with money, “thus appreciating the important role played by money in their lives”.

“During this campaign, members of the public will particularly be encouraged to avoid unnecessary debt by teaching and encouraging responsible borrowing and lending, learning about their social and economic rights and responsibilities, developing wise savings habits from an early age in order to cultivate key money-managing skills and earning money through the development of livelihood skills and entrepreneurial training,” further reads the statement.

While the Money Month Campaign will be held countrywide, the main activities of this year’s campaign will be held in Mokhotlong where various stakeholders will be addressed between 23 and 27 October 2017, according to the CBL.

These include public officers, heads of department and schools principals, business community, farmers, trainers of herd boys, school children and the general public.


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