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Moleleki lays into Thabane


Billy Ntaote

DEMOCRATIC Congress (DC) deputy leader Monyane Moleleki has launched a broadside against Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, accusing him of bringing the office of the premier into disrepute.

Speaking at a rally at Christ the King High School grounds in the Maama constituency, Mr Moleleki said the All Basotho Convention (ABC) leader had not only tainted the office of the prime minister but also “humiliated” his party’s followers.

“He (Dr Thabane) has brought shame to that office and should actually be fired even by the ABC,” Mr Moleleki said.

“There is nothing wrong with the political party but its leader is the only problem. Members of the ABC should fire him and elect a new leader as Ntate Thabane has brought the party into disrepute

Mr Moleleki urged party supporters to vote for the DC in the 28 February 2015 elections, to ensure Dr Thabane “never becomes a prime minister again”.

“Our election manifesto is themed on restoring Basotho’s confidence in government and deepening democracy and good governance,” he said.

The DC deputy leader, who is also the official leader of the opposition, told the cheering crowd that, if elected back into office, party leader, former Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili, would restore Basotho’s confidence in government and the office of the prime minister.

He accused Dr Thabane of being egocentric during the tenure of the coalition government – which consisted of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), Dr Thabane’s ABC and Basotho National Party (BNP) but collapsed due to differences over the premier’s alleged dictatorial tendencies.

Mr Moleleki said Dr Thabane led the unity government to its collapse by neglecting his coalition partner and LCD leader, Deputy Prime Minister Mothetjoa Metsing.

Mr Moleleki also accused the premier of not only presiding over the collapse of the coalition government, but failing to deliver on promises he made during election campaigns.

“He (Dr Thabane) lied to the people and made promises he never intended to keep in the first place,” Mr Moleleki said.

“Today, for a police office to get a promotion they have to bribe someone with M15 000 or visit the Horse Shoe House (State House) and claim to be members of the ABC.

“He has also neglected the correctional services officers’ demands. In fact his style is divide and rule, he improved the salaries of police officers and left behind the correctional services officers.”

Mr Moleleki said Dr Thabane had promised the free movement of Basotho across the border with South Africa “but today we are faced with stricter border controls than was the case in the past”.

“Basotho have to queue on both the Lesotho and South African side of the border to have their travel documents stamped,” he said.

“Whenever one travels to South Africa nowadays, their passports are stamped four times on a daily basis.”

Dr Thabane, Mr Moleleki said, would boast that he was a personal friend of South African President Jacob Zuma and that when he ascended to power the border woes would be a thing of the past, “but the situation is only getting worse”.

He also accused Dr Thabane of failing to deliver on a promise to increase textile workers’ wages to M2 020 upon entering office.

After assuming power, Mr Moleleki said, the premier “distanced himself from his promises” to the textile workers and told them they were employed by the Chinese and not by government.

The DC deputy leader also claimed that the ABC leader had promised to slash government spending “only to double the spending on luxurious vehicles”.

“He said he cannot use the vehicles (former) Prime Minister Mosisili was using and bought a new fleet,” said Mr Moleleki.


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