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Molapo hits back, says Mosisili playing to the gallery

Bongiwe Zihlangu

MASERU — Home Affairs Minister Joang Molapo has defended the government’s plans on dual citizenship adding the former premier is still determined to keep Basotho in the “dark ages”.
He said whereas the former government was hell-bent on keeping Basotho in the dark ages “ours is to ensure our people reap the benefits of the 21st century”.

“Whoever thinks we’re trying to sell-out Lesotho is stark-raving mad. Ntate Mosisili wants Lesotho to remain in the dark ages, for us to remain behind,” Molapo said. “We’re bringing benefits of the 21st century to help assist Basotho. I’m glad Ntate Mosisili and his people notice we’re trying to make changes for the benefit of the nation.” “If they think facilitating free movement for Basotho is selling out the country, then they couldn’t be more wrong.” Molapo also revealed that the coalition government was in the process of improving Lesotho citizenship laws.

“But only people who meet the criteria of the law will qualify to become Lesotho citizens. It’s misleading to assume that South Africans will just come to Lesotho and demand citizenship. For instance, no Xhosa can just barge in and demand Lesotho citizenship,” Molapo said. “The situation on the ground is that there are Basotho men who have worked in the South African mines for over a hundred years and ended up becoming citizens. They have children who have the right to access Lesotho’s benefits.”
“Everything else that Ntate Mosisili is saying sounds very nice, but is only befitting for political rallies.”

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