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Mokhothu slams govt over police brutality, unrest

Ntsebeng Motsoeli

DEMOCRATIC Congress (DC) leader Mathibeli Mokhothu has deplored the torture of civilians, saying the ever-increasing cases of police brutality are a clear indication that the government has failed to serve the people.

Mr Mokhothu said while addressing a DC rally in the Maama constituency in Roma yesterday.

His comments against the background of recent reports that police in Nazareth where police allegedly tortured a suspect to the point where he defecated. The police allegedly forced the suspect to eat his faecal matter.  Commenting on the alleged incident Mr Mokhothu said it was not surprising that the police continued to engage in barbaric acts as they had the active support of the government.

“The police are behaving the way they do because they have been ordered to do so by those by the government,” Mr Mokhothu told the DC faithful who included former party leader and former premier Pakalitha Mosisili and his spouse, ‘Mathato Mosisili.

“Since this government took over two years ago, there have been 50 cases of heinous police brutally on civilians, most of which ended in deaths. Now they are forcing people to eat their waste. That is a shame for an institution that is trusted with enforcing law and order.

Mr Mokhothu said that the police and other civil servants could only perform well if government actually cared about their wellbeing and mobilised resources to empower and motivate them. He said if the DC was returned to power in the event there were snap national elections, the party would work hard to improve the police service, health, education and other sectors of the civil service which he said had deteriorated since the current government took over.

“The civil service needs motivation. If elected into government, the DC will improve the working conditions of civil servants, especially the police. We will buy new uniforms, build new offices and provide improved houses for police officers who are currently operating in demoralising work environment.

“Teachers are demanding up-to-date teaching aids. Nurses are demanding better pay. All sectors of the civil service are rebelling against the government because they have been ignored for so long. And they are all within their rights to do so because their demands are legitimate. The DC promises to empower the civil servants to ensure that they in turn provide the best services to the public,” he said.

He however, said the civil servants were rightly paying the price for campaigning and voting for the All Basotho Convention-led government. He said the civil servants made the mistake of “forgetting all the good things” that the DC founder and former prime minister, Pakalitha Mosisili had done for them.

“This is what you get for biting the hand that feeds you. It was during Ntate Mosisili’s time in government that teachers and nurses got salary increments. During that time, all the laws that oppressed women were repealed, inclusive and free education was introduced. Decent police posts were built and yet people went on to campaign and elect the government that has now forgotten about them.

“I bet they will never repeat that mistake again. What good could you get from electing an old man who is now 80 years to lead you? Like my leader, Ntate Mosisili has always said, old people will only lead you into a grave. It is time now for you to elect me, Smartman, your age-mate to lead you so that together we can plan the future in which we and our children can prosper.

“Stop wasting your votes on people who are forming makeshift political parties who want to be elected into parliament just so they can enrich themselves and yet fail to serve the people on the claim that government is broke,” Mr Mokhothu said.

DC deputy leader Motlalentoa Letsosa, legislators Likeleli Tampane (Senqu constituency), Serialong Qoo (Malingoaneng), Palo Letete (Qhalasi) and ‘Mamookho Phiri (Khafung) also attended the rally.



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