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Mokhothu blasts Thabane for allegedly destabilising the nation

Ntsebeng Motsoeli

THE official leader of the opposition, Mathibeli Mokhothu, has accused Prime Minister Thomas Thabane of threatening the independence of the judiciary and destabilising the country through his reckless statements.

The Democratic Congress (DC) leader also accused Dr Thabane of fuelling conflict among the security agencies by allegedly using the army in his bid to oust Police Commissioner Holomo Molibeli.

Dr Thabane addressed the nation yesterday on national radio and television and accused some unnamed individuals of using the courts of law to destabilise his government.   His comments were widely seen by many as a reference to political parties including his own All Basotho Convention (ABC) which on Friday succeeded in their Constitutional Court application to nullify Dr Thabane’s prorogation of parliament. The comments were also seen as a reference to Commissioner Molibeli who also obtained an interim court order against Dr Thabane’s moves to suspend him.

Mr Mokhothu subsequently gave a radio interview where he castigated Dr Thabane for his allegedly reckless statement which he said was meant to intimidate governance institutions.

Mr Mokhothu said Dr Thabane was disgruntled by the court’s judgment which nullified his prorogation and ordered for the parliament to resume its business which was suspended by the prorogation.

“The prime minister is disgruntled by the court ruling that the prorogation was null and void,” Mr Mokhothu said yesterday.

“The judgement is clear that the nation should act as though parliament was never prorogued and it should resume its business like nothing ever happened. This means that legislators should report back to parliament on Monday.

“The prime minister and those around him are also hiding behind the Coronavirus crisis to achieve his desires. Time and again he appears to be addressing the COVID – 19 issues yet his speeches are riddled with intimidating statements. Recently during one of those speeches he said that there was terrorism in the country. Today he claims that there were people threatening the stability of the government. This statement threatens the courts of law. Judges will feel under duress because the prime minister is intimidating them.”

Mr Mokhothu also accused Dr Thabane of sowing seeds of division among the security agencies by allegedly using the army to oust Police Commissioner Holomo Molibeli.

“We have heard reports that soldiers surrounded the police headquarters today (yesterday) allegedly to oversee the dismissal of the commissioner of police. There is no way one can send security personnel to fire their counterpart whose post is still protected by the law. Dr Thabane and Commissioner Molibeli have recently been to court and the latter won the case to block his intended dismissal by the prime minister.

“This is why he (Dr Thabane) says that some people use the courts of law to attempt to disturb the government. Such statements from him frustrate the ideal democratic dispensation. The courts of law will work under duress.  The judiciary is important in a democracy and a last resort for people who seek justice.

“His (Dr Thabane)’s statement is reckless. He is the one who is disturbing the peace. We appeal to him to lead us with patience and abide by the law which he frequently calls on everyone to adhere to. He must lead by example. He should refrain from using intimidations on independent government institutions,” Mr Mokhothu said.

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