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Mohokare Classic celebrate 10th anniversary

Moorosi Tsiane


MASERU — The annual Nedbank Mohakare Golf Classic tournament celebrated its 10th anniversary with this year’s edition that started at Maseru Gold club on Friday. The two-day competition that was established in 2003 started on Friday and attracted around 144 players taking part in the tourney. Speaking to the Sunday Express on Friday, General Sentle, who has been a regular member since the competition started and one of the organisers said. Mohokare golf tournament has become a corporate competition that brings top businessmen and women together to play golf for two days.

“The competition has been sponsored by Nedbank Lesotho for years now and it also helps build their brand,” Sentle said. Mohokare gold tournament attracts participants from the corporate world. On behalf of the tournament organisers, General Sentle, said the tournament is meant to attract and bring the corporate world together over a game of golf.

“We are happy with how things have turned out, especially this year when we are celebrating the 10th anniversary since the competition was established”. He said there have been lot of improvements in the tournament and it has been attracting more players over the last few years. “Last year we had 120 players competing in the tournament but the number has increased to 144, which is a massive growth,” said Sentle.

Sentle said he has also been impressed by the improving number of females participating in the tournament. “When we started there was only one female participant, but this year we had eight taking part and that is very promising,” he said. He added that some games had to be played at the Ladybrand golf course since the one in Maseru is too small to accommodate all the players.

“We have nine holes at the golf course in Maseru and it could not accommodate all the 144 golfers so we had to use the Ladybrand golf course to make things easier,” Sentle said.

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