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Mohapi gets greenlight for Swiss tour

Moorosi Tsiane

THE Examinations Council of Lesotho has given Pump Track specialist Mosito Mohapi a green light to travel and compete at next month’s World Pump Track championships in Köniz-Oberried, Switzerland.

Mohapi’s dream to participate in the competitions has been hanging in the balance as the championships will run on 18 and 19 October, the same dates when he is scheduled to sit for his final Form E examinations.

The 19-year-old cyclist is a student at Christ the King (C.K) High School and starts his final examinations starting early next month.

Tumelo Makhetha, one of the organisers of the Sky League, where Mohapi qualified for the World Championship in March this year, had earlier told the Sunday Express that they had negotiated for a special arrangement for him to either write before or after his Switzerland tour.

“We met with the school principal…and he said he would consult with the examinations council to hear if they can come up with a special arrangement for him to write before his departure or soon after his return,” Makhetha said.

It was against this background that Sky League founder Christian Schmidt recently announced that Mohapi had been given a greenlight to travel to Switzerland so that he would sit for his exams on return.

“We were in Pretoria last week applying for the VISA and we are waiting for the feedback. The race is on the 19th next month so we will be leaving the country on the 14th.

“We spoke with the principal and he has given us a go ahead saying Mosito would write the examinations that he would have missed when he returns.

“We are just keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and we get the VISAs. The arrangement brought relief for Mosito as he has been looking forward for this competition,” Schmidt said.

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