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Mohair broker appoints former BKB employee its new manager

Bereng Mpaki

MALUTI Wool and Mohair Centre (MWMC) has appointed former BKB boss Seelan Pillay as its new general manager with effect 1 June 2020.

MWMC’s corporate secretary, Lehlohonolo Matee, told the Business Journal on Friday that Mr Pillay was brought into the Masianokeng-based firm to bolster its capacity.

Mr Matee said this was part of the company’s plan of investing in human capital and infrastructure “because its existence depends on the exceptional service to its clients, who are farmers and fibre traders”.

Established in 2018, 60 percent of the company’s shareholding is controlled by locals and Mr Matee said Mr Pillay would bolster their technical skills ahead of this year’s mohair season which starts next month.

He said MWMC is also acquiring sampling machinery from different international suppliers.

“We take pleasure in introducing our new General Manager: Wool and Mohair, Mr Pillay, who in collaboration with OVK’s Etienne Bezuidenhout and Mopeli Makoanyane, will lead this year’s auctions,” Mr Matee said.

“MWMC recognises the fact that our very existence is dependent on how well we serve our valued customers, that is why we continue investing in people, relationships and infrastructure that will in the end benefit every player in this industry.”

The company has entered into a marketing contract with Hong Kong registered Lucky Sheep. Lucky Sheep will also provide technical expertise to MWMC.

“Lucky Sheep Ltd is the sister company of the largest and one of the most respected fabric makers in the world, Tianyu, who supply merino tops (fibre) to brands like Allbirds, Icebreaker and Italian fashion houses.

“Lucky Sheep attained its wool expertise from Australia, which is the global hub of wool trade. The partnership with Lucky Sheep will ensure sustainability and integrity in handling the Lesotho clip (fibre).”

In 2019, MWMC held two successful mohair auctions and Mr Matee said they are planning to hold at least three auctions this year.

“We plan to hold a minimum of three mohair auctions in 2020 in collaboration with South African mohair broker OVK (formerly CMW) and can confirm that international mohair buyers will participate in all auctions, thus maintaining the competitiveness of the auctions.

“We are proud to also announce that we have since acquired coring and sampling machinery which will be commissioned as soon as the borders are open for civilian movement between South Africa and Lesotho. This machinery will ensure that wool marketed by MWMC attracts competitive prices on the global market, as such, wool will receive full certification accepted by the International Wool Trading Organisation (IWTO) as opposed to the guide tests that we have relied on in the past.”

The company currently employs more than 500 people.

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