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Mofomobe walks free


BNP spokesperson Machesetsa Mofomobe soon after his release.

’Marafaele Mohloboli

BASOTHO National Party spokesperson, Machesetsa Mofomobe is a free man after police failed to press charges as directed by the High Court on Thursday.

Mofomobe was detained at Mabote police station on Thursday afternoon for allegedly contravening Section 85 of the Penal Code by inciting violence through remarks he made in an interview with our sister Lesotho Times publication a fortnight ago.

According to Mofomobe’s lawyer Advocate, Tumisang Mosotho they had agreed with the police that Mr Mofomobe would report to them for questioning but little did they know he would be detained instead.

“I agreed to hand over Mofomobe for questioning as the police were previously very cooperative and professional, and shortly after I had left, was surprised to learn that Mr Mofomobe had been detained and not questioned as per our agreement,” Adv Mosotho said.

Adv Mosotho said upon learning of Mr Mofomobe’s detention, he immediately returned to the police station but was denied access to his client on the grounds that the officer who had locked him up took the keys with him.

“My client was denied food and medication and it is sad because it is well known that he has a chronic illness,” Adv Mosotho said, adding he was surprised that his client had been detained before the completion of the investigations to determine if there could be a case against him.

Last week, Mabote police station Commander, Senior Inspector Chalale professed ignorance about Mr Mofomobe’s arrest.

 “I know nothing about such an arrest, I just know that he is kept here and I can’t reverse my senior’s decision to detain him if he is detained.

“The only one person who can give you clear answers is Senior Superintendent, Tjamela and he is not stationed here and he is the one with the keys to the cell,” Senior Inspector Chalale said on Thursday.

Upon failing to gain access to his client, Adv Mosotho proceeded to file court papers for his immediate release and Justice Molefi Makara gave an interim court order that Mr Mofomobe be released into his lawyer’s custody.

Mr Mofomobe was joined upon his release, by several opposition party supporters who sang in jubilation outside the police post.

BNP’s deputy leader, Chief Joang Molapo said Mr Mofomobe’s arrest was a typical case of “harassment meant to silence him”.

“It confirms what we have always said that they have run out of tricks. This government is doing everything in its power to silence him and they don’t know what to do anymore but feel the need to do something,” Chief Molapo said.




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