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Model’s dream shattered

In an interview with XpressPeople on Friday, Mphakisoane accused a local promotions company, Global Events Company, of betrayal. She said the company “betrayed” her when it failed to fulfil its promise to take her to China for the Miss World 2012 contest last month. She said her dream of competing in the pageant was shattered when the company “pulled out at the last minute”.

“I am very disappointed. I had trusted Global Events to cater for my trip as they had promised,” she said.

“They said they would help with my preparations and promised to get me to the pageant. But then they ended up disappearing with my passport.” She added: “I am very hurt. They wasted my time because if they hadn’t promised to take over the trip I could have made alternative arrangements to go there. There were a lot of local companies which were willing to sponsor me this year.”

Mphakisoane said Global Events marketing director, Tseka Mokoena, allegedly left for South Africa to book her flight to China and apply for a visa but never proceeded to do so. “They ended up holding my passport after failing to take me to China as they had said. They are a big disappointment, they did nothing at the end of the day,” Mphakisoane said.

She said she could not blame the government for failing the modelling industry as it was a Basotho-owned company that proved to be “a brick wall between me and my dream”. Tlali Tlali, the director of Face of Lesotho, told XpressPeoplehe was disappointed by Global Events’ failure to live up to their word.

“They failed to fulfil their promises,” Tlali said.

He said they could have made other arrangements if they knew Global Events were going to fail.

“Had they told us they were encountering problems, we could have helped. We left everything in their hands because we trusted them. They have disappointed us a lot,” Tlali said.

Tlali said Global Events’ proposal to take Basotho talents to “another level” appeared very attractive that “I didn’t expect any failure at all”. “They seemed quite sure of their plan but clearly they were all talk and no action,” he said.

But Mokoena, speaking on behalf of Global Events, denied that his company failed Mphakisoane blaming it all on a “misunderstanding”. “After we agreed that Face of Lesotho would be handled by Global Events, we learned the licence was still under Rajoc and we were not willing to fork out M16 000 to pay for a flight for a lady that belonged to another entity,”Mokoena said.

“We tried to communicate with Tlali through Noma but nothing positive happened so we just couldn’t get involved in a project where our company wasn’t going to get credit.” He said all they wanted were rights and ownership of the brand.

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