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MIP out to conquer

Nthatuoa Koeshe

URBAN music outfit Magic in Progress (MIP) says it is back to reassert itself as a key player in the music industry.

The group is currently on a radio tour for with its latest single U Tlo Nthiba Kae which features, T-Mech, Dollaman, Sthola sa Makwera, Stevey-E, Flix and RMC.

The public relations officer of the group, T-Mech (born Thulo Monyake) said the lasts offing is a reminder that MIP is an important stakeholder in the urban music scene.

“This track is a statement to say that we are here to stay and nothing can stop us,” T-Mech said.

He told the Weekender that in addition to the release of U Tlo Nthiba Kae, they are set to release two more singles which will premiere on Mxxl radio on Saturday namely TGFTB featuring Rifle, T-Mech and SkebzaD as well as She Bad featuring Stevey-E, Kimberley and T-Mech.

“One may ask why so many and our answer to that is: “Well why a few”?

“MIP has been quietly working on reshaping its approach to the industry as we have always been the trendsetters,” he said.

He said by changing their approach, they are working on a revived system of delivering their content to their audience.

“We have recently been releasing solo works but we were very slow in doing it as we felt the music was not our best, so we looked back at our winning formula and realised that MIP comes from our ability to combine multiple styles on one song,” T-Mech said.

He said they have also been working on their videos which he said would give the local industry “a visual makeover” while he has just released the video for his 2018 single Ha E Lapa, off of his upcoming album Mothepane.

He said the video was available online on You Tube on the MIP LS channel alongside Lady Kimberley’s Real Life.

The group hosts MIP Fridays weekly where they engage various producers in the studio to produce content for their yet to be titled album.

“We have been working with producers such as Rosiie Beatz as well as Sir Ramzy while we are still considering a few more,” T-Mech said.

He said the material they are working on cuts across various genres and they are likely to have content for two albums but the time they finish production.

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