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Nthatuoa Koeshe

POPULAR hip-hop group Magic in Progress (MIP) is headed for a split after a series of conflicts among the members.

Co-owner, T-Mech, told the Xpress People yesterday that he is no longer fit to lead the group and has decided to disband the group.

Born Thulo Monyake, T-Mech said the environment in the group has become toxic hence it was best to leave.

“We seem not to agree anymore on MIP stands for and its mission,” T-Mech said.

He said there was currently a lot of infighting and in order to save the members’ relationships, he has decided to disband the group.

He however said the team was still bound to work together on a few upcoming projects but said as soon as those projects are complete, every member would go their own way.

“Leading the team has changed me into something I cannot stand. I have become one of those toxic leaders who never has anything nice to say. I know what that can do to me and I hate that I am able to be doing it to others. So, again for my peace of mind, it is better to simply let everyone go.

“The team was made up of friends and family but the language has become so bad. The levels of disagreements, discontent, disregard and disrespect for rules has become bad. Small factions have been formed due to disputes over finances and others.”

T-Mech founded MIP as a multimedia production house in 2010 when he returned to Lesotho from Audio Engineering School Sae Cape Town.

The original team consisted of Thulo ‘T-Mech/Lemekoane’, Monyake,  Nkopane ‘Drum/Terama’ Mohola, Mocheko ‘Mocheques’ Mpobole, Tsepo ‘RMC’ Mohlakoana, Jerry ‘Dog Lander’ Madubela, Relebohile ‘Kul Smoko’ Thakalekoala and Thato ‘Rifle3Shots’ Mohloboli.

The team quickly took the urban music industry by storm while increasing its membership with names like Chocolate Soul, Blaze Shattaqueen, Ms Kiva, Siphiwe, Shuffle 44, Dollaman, Kislev, Sthola sa Makwera, Kally Kome, Furlz, Pearlucci, Pheletso, Kidman Blankk, Stevey –E, Tiido the drum boi, Kimberley, Snurd and K’henney.

Some like J cob, Jiji F, Megahertz, Scarra Wa Matash also joined at different states but left for different reasons.

In 2017, Jerry Madubela came in as the new chief executive officer but soon left for South Africa and T-Mech returned to steer the ship.


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