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Ministry to cut special subsidies to Lesotho High School

Ntsebeng Motsoeli

MASERU — Lesotho High School will  from next year no longer be treated as a department of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Assistant Education Minister ’Matanki Mokhabi told parliament on Thursday that the high school will beginning in January start operating like any other government school.

The new arrangement means the school will no longer receive special subsidies from the government.

Fees at the school which are currently pegged at M360 per year might be hiked to M500 per annum in line with other government schools.

But there are fears that because places at the school are much sought-after authorities might push the fees beyond the reach of many.

Mokhabi said the revised fees would affect all students, old and new.

Lesotho High School, which is one of the oldest and best performers in the country, would now have to source additional funding as subventions from government are hardly enough for most schools’ needs. 

Mokhabi was responding to a question from Member of Parliament Ranthomeng Matete who had asked if she was aware that authorities at the school had issued letters to parents informing them of the new decision.

Matete also wanted to know if the reason to secede the school was to generate funds from parents and whether the new fee structure would affect everybody or just the new students.

“The reason to remove the school from the ministry is not to make money from parents as the question seems to suggest,” Mokhabi said.

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