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Ministry fires employee for being ‘wrongly hired’

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But just as he was settling in his new job as assistant organisational development officer he received bad news. He was told to leave because he was not qualified. The ministry said he had been wrongly hired.

Majara has now appealed to the minister to help him get his job back. His argument is that when he was employed he had clearly stated that he still had to supplement one subject to get his corporate communications degree at the University of Free State.

He said his interviewers were aware that he had not graduated when they hired him.

His curriculum vitae, Majara said, clearly showed that he was yet to complete the degree.

He claims that during the interview he was not asked for his academic records.

“I took my transcripts and all relevant documents which I anticipated to be asked about,” Majara said.

“The interviewers never asked me to produce even a single document and knowing that I had submitted all of them when I applied I understood that they were content with what I had. After all, they could not invite me to the interview if they had not seen my papers,” he said.

Majara said he was told that there was an urgent need to fill a vacancy at the ministry and therefore he should report to work quickly.

He worked from April to May and in June, to his shock, his superiors told him that he had been wrongly employed because he did not qualify for the position. The human resource department told him that he could ask Lesotho Steel to take him back.

“I pleaded with the human resources department to allow me to work as I had been legally employed but they refused,” Majara said. Desperate, he went to the principal secretary who told him that his case was “too heavy” before referring him to the minister.

The minister suggested he ask the human resources department to give him another position but the request was rejected.

Majara said his salary has been frozen since June. “I am unable to pay my loans at the bank and furniture shop. My insurance policies are also about to be cancelled,” he said.

Public Service Minister Motloheloa Phooko confirmed that Majara had requested his intervention.

“This is a special case and we need to see how we can deal with it,” Phooko said.

He however said Majara does not qualify for the job and therefore does not deserve to be employed.

“We do not hire unqualified people in government. He will have to apply for the job like any other jobseekers and will not be treated differently,” he said.

“I do not know what decision we will reach but I also cannot guarantee that he will be kept in the ministry solely because he has been found to be unqualified for the job”.

“Even if it is suggested that he can be relegated to a junior position, he will still have to apply for it according to the government’s recruitment policy.”

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