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Minister says Mosisili misleading nation

Mosisili told his
supporters on Sunday that God would not bless the coalition government of the
All Basotho Convention (ABC), Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) and the
Basotho National Party (BNP) because it “hijacked the people’s vote”.
The DC won 48 seats
in the 120-member parliament and the ABC won 30 seats.
The LCD got 26 and
the BNP managed just five seats.
But with no party
winning the required 61 seats to form government, the ABC, LCD and BNP quickly
announced that they had cobbled up a coalition deal.
At the Mabote rally
Mosisili however insisted that as the party with the most seats the DC should
have been given the first preference to form a government. 
“The party which had
won the election should have been allowed to form a government instead of the
losers announcing to the King that they had formed a coalition,” Mosisili said.

He said the coalition
hijacked the “public vote to form government”.
“The losers ganged up
against the winner to hijack the public vote and form a coalition,” Mosisili
“There is nothing
wrong with the formation of a coalition government. But there’s a whole lot
wrong with it if it’s formed solely to hijack the people’s vote. God would
never bless such a union.”

In response, Mokhosi
said Mosisili is misleading the public because “his party the DC lost the
“Honourable Mosisili
knows well that his party required 61 seats in parliament in order to form
government and he only had 48 seats,” Mokhosi said.
“His party lost this
election because the three parties, the ABC, LCD and BNP made a coalition and
qualified to form government because they have 61 seats in parliament,” he
Mokhosi said it was
morally wrong for Mosisili to describe the coalition government as void of
God’s blessings”.
Yesterday the DC
fired back at Mokhosi saying he was the one who was misleading himself.
The DC says Mokhosi
should understand the difference between winning an election and establishing a
Insisting that the DC
won election but lost the government, the statement said the party was voted by
218 000 people while the ABC which came second got 139 000.
“In five districts
out of 10 in the country the Democratic Congress won all constituencies,
showing that it has been voted for by half of the country,” reads part of the

“In the parliament,
the Democratic Congress has more seats than all parties, 48 in all.”
“We reiterate that
the Honourable Democratic Congress leader has never said the present government
of His Majesty is unlawful.
If it was so, he could not
have handed over power peacefully, which happened for the first time in the
history of this country.”

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