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Minerals are Lesotho’s future: Minister

Qacha’s Nek — Tlali Khasu Mines Minister says natural resources are the lifeblood of Lesotho’s economic growth.

Speaking at a public gathering in Qacha’s Nek on Friday Khasu said the government aims at making minerals the main revenue generator for the country in order to avoid dependency on donors. “It is a disgrace to see Basotho starving when their country has so many minerals like diamonds and gold,” said Khasu.


He also said that the government is currently negotiating talks with mining companies to have equal shares for the good of Lesotho’s economy. Khasu called for dialogue where Basotho are requested to disclose areas that they know to have minerals. Mosaqane and Ramatseliso in Qacha’s Nek were among some of the villages cited as having the potential for mining of fine diamonds. It emerged during the meeting that there was a cooperative at Mosaqane which was established to begin mining diamonds in the area.

Local authorities led the tour of Ramatseliso, one of the potential diamond areas. Some people pleaded with the minister to simplify the process of applying for a mining licence and its issuance.

— Lena/Staff

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