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MGC lends helping hand


Letuka Chafotsa

The Matekane Group of Companies (MGC) on Friday lent a helping hand to 651 Mantšonyane households as part of the organisation’s corporate social responsibility programme.

The families, from six Mantšonyane villages, were each presented with three, 50 kilogramme bags of maize to help them supplement their poor harvest.

Speaking in Ha Ntsokoane—one of the six villages which benefitted from the gesture—the MGC Director, Toloane Matekane, said it was the mining, property, aviation, and transport firm’s policy to give back to the local community.

“It is the MGC’s responsibility and duty to implement its policies even if it might be difficult to do so,” Mr Matekane said.

“That is why we thank God that today, we have managed to give back to the community, thereby implementing our corporate social responsibility. We saw the need to implement our policy here after realising this area was plagued by poor crop harvest this year. Each household will go home with three bags of maize and in addition, there would be 32 bags for each village for the area chiefs to share among you.”

He further explained the area chiefs had identified the beneficiaries from the six villages of Ha Letuka, Ha Ntsokoane, Ha Leronti, Ha Mokotane, Ha Long and Ha Chooko.

One of the recipients, Letšoao Mocheku of Ha Chooko said: “I am so delighted and thankful to ‘Ntate Sam Matekane (MGC chairman) for giving us this food without even being asked to do so. We wish MGC all the best in the company’s business ventures as through this gesture, we have been given hope to survive.”

Chief Bulane Masiphole of Ha Leronti, also thanked the MGC on behalf of the six villages’ area chiefs.

“We are so happy to be getting one of the basic needs anyone cannot live without, so we are very humbled by this gesture from the MGC,” Mr Masiphole said.



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