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Metsing sabotaged me, says former LCD youth leader

Bongiwe Zihlangu

MASERU — ’Mamoitjali Maphatšoe, the former treasurer of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy youth league, says the party’s executive committee sabotaged her bid to become an MP when it delayed her transfer to another constituency.
Maphatšoe became an LCD member in 2002 when she registered in the Qalabane constituency of Mafeteng.
At that time she was using her maiden name, Molebatseng Makhata.
In 2008 she married and moved to Abia constituency where she got a new party card bearing the name ‘Mamoitjali Maphatšoe.
But when she tried to contest the primary elections to represent the Abia constituency in next year’s general poll, she was told she did not qualify because she had not been a party member for three years as required by the LCD constitution.
The constitution says one can only contest to become an MP if they have been a member for 36 consecutive months.
Maphatšoe claims the Abia constituency committee refused to consider that she had already been an LCD member in Qalabane before she moved to Abia.
She claims the committee told her that they could only consider her candidature if her membership indicates that she had transferred from Qalabane.
Maphatšoe then asked the Qalabane constituency committee secretary to request a transfer on her behalf.
That letter, Maphatšoe claims, was written to the national executive committee on October 18 but there was no response.
In the end she was barred from contesting in the primary election held on November 27, effectively ending her hopes of becoming an MP.
She alleges that when she tried to attend the election she was kicked out of the hall by the Abia constituency committee secretary, Posa Molefe, who is apparently the husband of ’Mafako Molefe whom she was supposed to contest against in the election.
An angry Maphats’oe now blames her misfortune on the party’s secretary general Mothetjoa Metsing who she says “sat” on her transfer until it was too late.
“Had Ntate Metsing given me the transfer, I would not be in this mess. But I guess it is because he has always had it in for me due to our political differences,” Maphatšoe says.
Maphatšoe says when she did not get a response from Metsing’s office she requested the Qalabane constituency secretary to give the copies of the transfer request just to be sure that a request had been made.
“At least now I have proof that Ntate Metsing never intended to grant me the transfer.”
Maphatšoe believes Metsing delayed her transfer because he wanted ’Mafako Molefi to win the election.
“I believe they have been planning this for a long time. They knew that they were going to use this against me, but I am not giving up just yet,” Maphatšoe claims.
Metsing however said it was unfair that Maphatšoe was accusing him of sitting on her transfer.
“People are free to express their views. But still, it’s a pity that things have reached this point. The truth though, is that I have nothing against Molebatseng (Maphatšoe),” Metsing said.
“Every member of the LCD is free to seek a transfer. There was even a circular to that effect issued just before the primaries, giving LCD members the liberty to migrate.”
According to Metsing, his office had executed its duties as it had been mandated.
“As the LCD secretary general, I don’t have a vested interest in who wins the Abia candidacy for the LCD,” Metsing said.
“However, our party issues should not be turned into media fodder. We have our office where such issues can be resolved.”

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