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Metropolitan come to school’s aid


Limpho Sello

THE Mathebe community in the Mafeteng district has expressed gratitude to Metropolitan Lesotho for the timely donation of three new electrified and equipped classrooms which have eased the challenge of inadequate infrastructure at Mathebe Primary school.

Mathebe Primary School was founded by the Lesotho Evangelical Church in 1886.

However, the old buildings were no longer meeting current standards, resulting in the school authorities and community extending the begging bowl to the corporate sector, development partners and other well-wishers for help in rehabilitating infrastructure.

Metropolitan Lesotho subsequently answered the call and during a recent handover ceremony, Mathebe School Principal, Mapakiso Khuele said before then they were even forced to use a chicken coop for some of the lessons.

“That was not a good learning environment because learners must be in a class room where they are comfortable for them to be eager to participate and do well in their studies,” Ms Khuele said.

“Therefore, we are very proud to receive the new classrooms from Metropolitan Lesotho and we heartily thank you for your generosity.”

She revealed how they initially struggled to get in touch with the insurance giant, adding, “However, we finally found a way of ensuring that the letter we wrote got to the correct people and soon after that negotiations for the construction started”.

“The classrooms were eventually built and that is why we are here officially receiving them from Metropolitan,” Ms Khuele said.

A representative of the parents, Ms Mamolahlehi Seboka said the classrooms were of such high quality that they would not have built anything comparable even if they had grouped together like they did in some of their building schemes of the past.

Ms Seboka said God had surely blessed the community through Metropolitan and the parents were “therefore very grateful for the generous support”.

For his part, Metropolitan Lesotho Managing Director, Nkau Matete said the company was happy to assist in improving the lives of the children and communities especially a time when they were celebrating their golden jubilee.

Mr Matete said Metropolitan commenced operations in Lesotho in 1967 and they were supported by Basotho, some of them parents of the learners as well as their teachers who bought various policies and other products from them.

“We know the parents support us hence the need to come here to their children’s rescue. We are also supported by teachers,” said Mr Matete who also revealed he attended the primary school in the late 1970s.

“We are very happy with the support from the teachers and parents so will carry out several activities to give back to the community as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations,” he added.



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