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Mentors not helping

Re: War erupts over block farming, Sunday Express, September 19-25 2010

 These mentors have corrupted the block farming scheme.

I once heard them talking on one radio station and it seemed to me that they were just planning to misuse this money in the name of block farming.

Those people who were called farmers don’t even have an idea about farming. 

During the Basotho National Party government no one was given farming loans but Lesotho’s agricultural sector was doing well. All Basotho Convention leader Thomas Thabane can verify this.

These mentors can always take the money and claim that they have spent it on block farming yet they have done nothing.

 Mopeli Mokokoane


Why worry about them? We can’t do anything about those people who are corrupt.

They are still our leaders but it’s only because we follow them. They wouldn’t keep ruling if we all rejected them.

 Johnson Phakela

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