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Mekonko promises fireworks

Mohalenyane Phakela

HOUSE-heads are in for a treat on 29 June when disc spinner, DJ Mekonko, celebrates his birthday at Maseru club Cuban Linx.

The DJ who is also a co-owner of the club has been celebrating his birthdays with in style with parties for the past eight years.

This year, the line-up will boast soulful house heavyweights such as South Africa’s legendary Glen Lewis, T-Deep, SK Dog, Soulful Phex, Master Chen Fu and De GR Konopo as well as Rayzor Minora from Zimbabwe.

Local performers will be Tshepzadj, Agent K and the birthday boy. DJs Da Starr and A Supreme will blend in with neo soul tunes.

The celebration will be themed ‘Vinyl Vs Digital’ where DJs Glen Lewis, SK Dog, Agent K and T Deep will play on the vinyl while the rest will play using the digital decks.

This will be the third time that Radio 2000’s Glen Lewis plays at DJ Mekonko’s birthday celebration as he also came to the country in 2012 and 2013. Metro FM’s T Deep has also been in the Mountain Kingdom a number of times but every time he gets behind the decks the response from the audience makes it as if it is the first impression.

Speaking to this publication yesterday, DJ Mekonko said the celebration was one of the initiatives aimed at reviving house music followership, especially through the use of vinyl decks.

“The line-up is made of people that I have worked with in the past and have become close friends, Mekonko said.

“These are people whom I host from time to time and they also return the favour when they have events.

“DJing was introduced through vinyl decks which, with time, became outdated. But now vinyl has come back hence there will be some DJs using them. I am hopeful that the event will revive house music followership and further attract new followers.

“I intend to remain a DJ till I am old and this party is one which will help me stay relevant in the game. Even those who may not know me will be able to know Mekonko through this party,” he said.

He added that they were pulling out all the stops to ensure that the show ranks highly among the best of the winter season.

“The birthday bash has always been held in winter but that has not stopped us from dishing out the best of entertainment.

“We will raise the bar again this year to ensure everyone has a time of his or her life. Even if less than 10 people show-up, they will be served with the best,” DJ Mekonko.


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