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MEC paints Thetsane blue


’Marafaele Mohloboli

AN estimated 5000 Movement for Economic Change (MEC) supporters yesterday thronged Lifefo Football Ground in Ha Thetsane, Maseru for the party’s final rally ahead of next Saturday’s snap elections.

Lesotho will hold its third elections in five years on Saturday and this follows the successful no confidence vote the opposition passed in parliament against the seven parties’ coalition government headed by Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili of the Democratic Congress (DC) party on 1 March.

MEC leader, Selibe Mochoboroane who was thrilled by the huge turnout, urged his followers to turn out in their thousands to ensure a resounding victory that would spare the party the “pain” of entering into a coalition government with other parties.

“I want us to emerge from the elections with some constituencies because we need to be the next government,” Mr Mochoboroane told the crowd who used different modes of transport including horses and trucks to attend the rally.

“We need to snatch power from the hands of those who have it now.

“I should be honest with you that getting into a coalition would be such a pain as we don’t like this patch work and we would really appreciate it if we are voted into power without having to look for partnerships.

“However should that (coalition) happen, ntate Mosisili and ntate (Thomas) Thabane should be ready to get into a coalition with me as my seniors.”

Mochoboroane said Lesotho had a dire need of new and young leadership, “men who are still strong and active”.

“We have never thought of a coalition as we believe that all of them have overstayed their welcome and need to take a break.

“We appreciate all those who came before us, but we have to put them to rest because there is still a lot that needs to be done.

“France voted a 39 year old premier. They did it and we are going to do it here in Lesotho,” the youthful MEC leader said.

He said he had been to all the 10 districts and assessed the needs of the people.

“I assessed the situation on the ground and realised that there is a general need of water, electricity and infrastructure.

“There is simply no way the economy of this country can grow when these three essentials are lacking.”

He also said the security agencies had to redouble their efforts to protect Basotho.

“My fellow policemen and soldiers you should ready yourself to work hard, and if it’s about better salaries then let it be because you would have sweated for it.

“Anything coming your way, you will have worked for and therefore deserved it. You need to be motivated and we also need leadership that will give credit where it’s due.”

The MEC leader said as soon as he was inaugurated he would begin implementing his election promises, adding, those government officials who failed to deliver within three months would be asked to “park aside and make way for those who are ready to work for Basotho”.

Musicians Juvenile, Damario, Tmech as well as party singers entertained the crowd.


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