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Measles campaign extended


Limpho Sello

THE MINISTRY of Health says it will extend its campaign to vaccinate all children aged 0 to 14 years against Measles and Rubella.

This comes after the Ministry realised that many children in the less accessible regions of the country had been left behind in the recent campaign which was conducted from 13 to 24 February 2017.

Health Minister, Molotsi Monyamane yesterday told the Sunday Express that although personnel from his ministry had done their best to vaccinate as many children as possible, some had been left out due to geographical factors.

He said they would collaborate with Makoanyane Military Hospital and even use Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) helicopters to reach areas that had been left behind in the just-ended campaign.

“I got reports this week that due to the recent rains health personnel were not able to vaccinate children in some areas,” Dr Monyamane said.

“We will sit down and plan for another time which as to be soon, to go back to such areas because what we want is to ensure that every child is vaccinated to prevent illnesses.”

Dr Monyamane said while two years ago they had only reached and vaccinated only 60 percent of the children, this time around they had recorded marginal increases to 68 percent vaccinated.

He however said this was still very low and the target was to vaccinate at least 95 percent of the children.

“We are doing this because we want to reduce deaths of children which emanate from illnesses that can be prevented,” Dr Monyamane said, adding it was better to prevent than to attempt treating children when they had been infected.


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