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Matt aspires to tell authentic Basotho stories through film

Bataung Moeketsi

MATOOANE Nkofo, affectionately known as Matt, hopes to be known for telling Basotho stories in an authentic manner through film and photography.

Matt obtained a bachelor’s degree in Motion Picture Medium in 2010 from the South African School of Television, Live Performance and Motion Picture (AFDA) in Johannesburg. He went on to pursue and complete an Honours degree programme at the University of Witwatersrand the following year.

The Ha-Abia native currently resides in Johannesburg where he works as an independent documentary producer, writer and director. He is also a film and television editor and a photographer.

“I’d like to be known as a Mosotho filmmaker and photographer who honed his skills and passion for storytelling giving back and telling Authentic Basotho stories with the quality that they deserve,” Matt told the Xpress People on Friday.

“This will be done while unchaining ourselves from the shackles of mediocrity that have held us for so long.”

Matt’s love for television stems from his formative years leading up to when Contemporary Community Values Television (CCV-TV) changed to what is now known as the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

It was around that time when his father purchased their first colour television that he became even more fascinated by seeing images moving on screen in colour.

“Soon after that, I started seeing different formats like commercials and long form dramas and was intrigued by the differences.

“A couple years later, I’d recite scripts from commercials and knew word for word and I remember my brother would joke to our mother that ‘he should just write his own adverts’.

“Fast forward almost 15 years later, in my final year of film school my career began as a junior editor, digitising footage for a show on Soweto TV.”

Matt moved up the post production ladder and has gained versatility from the different show formats he has learned to edit.

He earned his stripes from the various productions he has worked on which include his “first real placement” in 2015 as the set editor on Mzanzi Magic’s Zabalaza.

He has also worked on Ga Re Dumele (SABC 2), Ashes to Ashes (ETV), reality show Future Leaders (SABC1), Broken Vows (ETV) and Behind the Story which aired on BET Africa and MTV Base South Africa.

“Thereafter (Behind the Story) I took a forced hiatus from television and branched out into a new format which was the digital online platform.

“I worked as a content creator and editor for SA’s leading hip-hop platform Slikour on Life. While there, I honed my skills of working with corporate clientele and worked with many high-profile brands to execute their stories from concept brief to the final visual cut.”

Matt’s love for photography was reignited during his break from television which led to him embarking on his journey as a fashion photographer.

As the son of the late Sankomota drummer, Moss Nkofo, Matt said it took a while for him to realise not only how great of an artiste his father was, but the influence his father had on him as an artist himself.

“Since realising that, I’ve drawn from his dedication, attention to detail, passion for the craft, some patience and a ‘practice makes perfect’ attitude as an artist and I use that in my own sphere of creativity and work flow as well.”

Matt currently works as an editor for a music show on Channel O.

He has also set his attention on producing two documentaries relating to Lesotho under his own company, Mossnight Pictures, which are being pitched to potential collaborators and funders.

“My biggest goal at the moment is to produce a 13-part television drama series entirely written by Lesotho writers and an all Basotho cast and crew,” Matt said.

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