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Matsoso ready for Likuena


Napo Matsoso.America-based midfielder says he is itching to play for the national football team  

Moorosi Tsiane

AMERICA-based attacking midfielder, Napo Matsoso, says he is now ready to play for the national team, Likuena.

Matsoso (21) left Lesotho for the United States (US) as a 12-year-old following recommendations by former Likuena goalkeeper Thabane Sutu, who is now coaching in the US.

Now a student and player with the University of Kentucky (UK), Matsoso on Wednesday told the Sunday Express he believes he is now ripe to play for his country.

“Everything is going really well for me here. I just started college this August and I can’t complain as things are going OK for me,” Matsoso said.

“In addition to my classes, I am also enjoying my football and helping our university team, the Wildcats. The season started a couple of weeks ago and I have been scoring very important goals for our team, which is a great feeling for me. This shows there is a bright season ahead for me, but I must continue working hard to remain at this level and get even better.

“I have improved a lot since I came to the States. My fitness level is much higher now and I now understand the game much, much better. I am working hard to improve my skills and because I am still young, I believe I can only get better.

“I think I am ready to play for Likuena. In fact, I have been ready for a long time now and  keeping a close eye on how the team has been doing. I can’t say I have been impressed but I think they are trying to do their level best under the circumstances.

“I just hope and wish that one of these good days, I will get my first national team call-up as that would be a dream-come-true. That is the moment I have been patiently waiting for and I will make the most of it should it come. In the meantime, the focus is on helping my team do well.”

Matsoso joined UK after attending St Francis High School, where he was named Most Valuable Player during his debut year in 2009 after scoring 29 goals. His goals and 19 assists helped the team reach the State Cup final.

Since then, the forward has been scoring regularly, winning accolades and receiving rave reviews for his exploits.

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