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Matlama supporters to address team’s problems

Pascalinah Kabi

MASERU — Matlama supporters will today hold a special meeting to address the team’s problems.

Seatile Papashane, Matlama FC stadium area branch chairperson, said the meeting will be held at Pitso Ground and all Matlama supporters are expected to attend.

Papashane, who is among the supporters organising the meeting, told the Sunday Express the indaba was for everyone who had Matlama’s interests at heart.

“There is going to be a meeting on Sunday and this is for everyone who loves Matlama, whether they are registered members or not,” Papashane said on Friday.

The club’s executive committee members were also welcome to attend as long as “they are aware that there would not be anyone with a title at this meeting. We must all attend as Matlama”, Papashane said.

He added: “If they (committee members) attend, they need to be aware that they will be attending as people who have Matlama’s interests at heart and are willing to contribute in finding an amicable and lasting solution to our problems.

“We have been issuing out invitations since the beginning of this week and have received positive feedback.”

Papashane said they had initially planned to hold the meeting at the end of the season.

“What we realised is that by then the executive committee would not be available to address our problems and find a long lasting solution as a unit,” he said.

“It is really worrying that the team this year failed to win anything yet last season we won the premier league and the Soccer Spectacular titles.”

This was a sign that there is a problem that needed to be rooted out before it was too late.

“This shows that there are real and serious problems within (the club) that need our undivided attention to ensure we remain a more focused team,” Papashane said. “We are also going to address the issue of the petition that we handed to the executive committee but was never addressed,” he said.

Matlama has been rocked by problems since the beginning of this season with key players absconding training sessions and league matches over lack of incentives.

At least five coaches have taken charge of Matlama this season.

The club first fired Ndebele Taole in October last year.

Since then, four other coaches have resigned and Matlama are playing all their remaining league matches without a coach.

Goalkeeper Shokhoe Matsoai, captain Sello Seholoholo, vice-captain Nkau Lerotholi and player Lehlohonolo Mokhele have been steering the ship since Motlalepula ‘Maradona’ Majoro resigned early last month.

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