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Maseru water supply restored

Sentle Rathebe

T he Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) is expecting to restore normal water-supplies to the whole of Maseru by tomorrow, after repairing its damaged water-treatment plant along Mohokare river ahead of schedule.

The plant was severely damaged after the flooded river burst its bank on Monday, resulting in pumps being broken and filled with sand, leaving most parts of Maseru without water.

However, the company on Friday issued a statement reassuring residents that the situation was now all-but rectified.
“On 28 February, the Maseru Water Treatment Plant began to run at full capacity and water-supply network-systems began to be recharged.
“Pumps used to draw raw water from Caledon River and Maqalika have been successfully repaired,” read the statement.

Temporary support structures, the statement added, would be erected to ensure pipes are adequately anchored to stand water-flow pressure.
WASCO further said it had worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry, through the Department of Soil Conservation, to build gabions (wire-mesh baskets filled with crushed rock) along the river, thereby securing the pump station against future damage.

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