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Maseru man convicted on gun possession charge


guns ak 47 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_20A HA-SHELILE man was on Friday slapped with a M3 000 fine or a year in jail for unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition by Magistrate Lerato Ntelane.

Shale Shale was arrested on 15 May 2014 after a tip off.

However, following the ruling, the lawyer representing Shale, Advocate Paul Koto, pleaded with the magistrate to be lenient.

“The accused has cooperated with the police throughout the investigation of the crime,” Advocate Koto said.

“He has also been cooperative in the courts and has not wasted the court’s time. His conduct shows a person who is remorseful for his wrongful conduct. We, therefore, plead for a lighter sentence.”

The advocated further argued that Shale was a family man with two children under his keep.

“The accused, as we indicated, is the breadwinner for his family and mother. The wife is earning a small salary and a greater part of the money is consumed by transport costs,” he said.

“While we admit that he committed a crime, we pray that he be given time to reform and be given an opportunity to look after his family, wife and minor children.”

Despite the mitigation from the defence, the magistrate argued that possession of firearms was a serious crime which could potentially bring harm to society.

“In similar cases where firearms where involved, such firearms have been used to commit serious crimes, of armed robbery and murder, particularly when the serial number is rubbed off,” Mr Ntelane said.

“It is a serious problem our society is facing of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.”

Shale was remanded in custody for another armed robbery case to be heard on the 16 July 2015.

Advocate Lesaoana Mohale prosecuted the case. – Staff Writer.

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