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Maseru Cressida owners form association

’Mathapelo Letsepe

MASERU — The Maseru Cressida Car Association —an organisation of local residents who own Toyota Cressida vehicles — has managed to register 42 members since its inception in September this year.
The association, which is the brainchild of 39-year-old Eric Mosola, is meant to look after the interests of its members, chief among them helping each other out financially and materially to keep their vehicles on the road. 
According to Mosola, the Cressida is a relatively ‘old’ vehicle — but one highly rated by both experts and  owners. As the car is no longer in production, maintenance costs have continued to rise over the years.
“We are aware that Cressida parts are expensive and with unity, owners can come up with brilliant ideas with regards to the maintenance of their vehicles. A Cressida is an old model but it is reliable. It is a good car. We don’t want Cressidas to become extinct in Lesotho,” he said.
Mosola said registration for new members is M250 with a M100 monthly subscription fee.
“The money will help members whenever their cars give them problems. What we don’t want to see is any Cressida owner parking his or her vehicle because of not being able to afford expensive  spare parts. In such a case, we will pay half the costs of the repairs should that person be our member and if not, we will still be able to help and then get a full refund later,” he said.
The association, Mosola said,  also carries out  fundraising activities in order to fulfil their objectives.
“In addition there are plans to establish our own spares shop in the near future. This will not only create employment for Basotho but also enable Cressida owners to get their parts easily,” he said.
Apart from cars, Masola told Xpress People plans were at an advanced stage to establish a project that will help needy children with food and clothing.
The Toyota Cressida remains a popular car in many countries around the world due to its rear-wheel drive and having a powerful engine. In the West, the Cressida is often used in “drifting” competitions or street racing.

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