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Maseru choir to tour USA

Matšei Moloi MASERU — Local musical group Maseru Vocal Waves are set to tour the United States next year. Tsietsi Polane, public relations officer for Maseru Vocal Waves, said they were planning to tour the US in February to raise funds for the choir. “We are going there for business,” Polane said “The purpose of the trip is mainly to raise funds. “We want to raise funds for our musical group.” He said they were likely to perform in five different towns over three weeks. “We will be touring New York, Washington and Maryland,” he said. Polane said they decided to tour the US after realising that Americans were interested in African music. He said an American man had encouraged them to undertake the tour. “He encouraged us to explore African talent in America,” Polane said. He said they will be wearing their traditional attire and performing ndlamo, mohobelo and mokhibo traditional dances in the US. “We will be performing traditional music and dances,” he said. Polane said they were expected to perform at different churches on Sundays. “We will be expecting to get donations from Christians at different churches,” he said. Polane said this will be their first visit to America.

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