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Marabe leaves Bantu

Moorosi Tsiane

BANTU skipper, Litšepe Marabe, has ended his eight-year stay at the Mafeteng side after signing with Brothers Arts and Sports Club (BASCO) of India.

Marabe joined Bantu from Garankuwa United in 2013 and has been a pillar helping the team win four league titles, two Independence Cups and an LNIG Top8 trophy.

The left footed winger told this publication yesterday that he is now on a three-months’ probation.

“I have an offer from Brothers Arts and Sports Club which plays in India’s lower division,” Marabe said.

“Due to our standards and market value of our football, I couldn’t go straight into the top league, so my target is to use this platform to prove myself.

“It’s a three-months’ probation deal for now and if they are satisfied, they will extend the contract. I am happy with that because what is important for me was for me to be able to break into that country and make my name.

“For now, I am still trying to sort out my travelling logistics and once, that is done, I will leave.”

Bantu president technical, Panyane Phiri, confirmed the news saying they have already released the player.

“He told us that he had an offer in India, so we have released him and I think now they are sorting his travelling documents with his agent,” Phiri said.

Although the transaction did not involve any money, he said they could not stand in the player’s way especially now that they are struggling to pay players due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The current period is tough for clubs because they have all taken financial knocks and are struggling to pay players. We are no different, so if a player wants to leave, we cannot stand in his way.”

He however, said they agreed that if Marabe were to return to Lesotho, he would return to Bantu.

“We have an agreement that should things fail to work out in India and he decides to return home, he should return to us because although we are releasing him, we still have a contract.

“This is obviously a big loss for the club because he has been our captain and one of the most important members of our squad but we must soldier on.

“We are just awaiting the premier league to announce whether or not the league is resuming so that we can plan,” Phiri said.

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