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Man robbed on way to bank

spt mofokenge kolo‘Mantoese Maama

MASERU — Three armed robbers aged between 29 and 34 were arrested for allegedly robbing a businessman in Maseru of M27 000 on Thursday.

It was reported that robbers snatched a bag stashed with money from the man as he was going to a bank.

District Commissioner of Maseru Urban, Senior Superintendent Mofokeng Kolo, confirmed the incident.

“The businessman was going to deposit some money at the bank when the suspects snatched his bag that contained money. The bag contained M27 000,” Kolo said.

“The man reported he saw the suspects’ vehicle following his car on his way to the bank but then he thought they were just taking the same route. After he had just gone out of the car the two suspects snatched the bag.

“One of them was still in their car and immediately after they took the money they went back trying to run way.

“A member of the Lesotho Defence Force happened to be nearby and he went for them trying to stop them,” he said.

They tried to run away but the soldier fired some shots in the air and another officer from the Lesotho Mounted Police Services also joined in, together with members of the public.

Upon arresting the suspects, whose vehicle was also confiscated, police recovered all the money, which will be used as an exhibit in court.

The suspects will soon appear in court.


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