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Man kills own brother for ‘causing trouble’

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MASERU — A 47-year-old man from Ha-Lenono was beaten to death on Friday by his younger brother in a fight over inheritance.
The younger brother aged 35 allegedly killed his 47-year sibling by hitting him with a stick at their home in Ha-Lenono saying his late brother “had been causing trouble for the family for years”.
It is alleged that the man went to the home in spite of a court interdict barring him from entering the premises which led to an argument between the two.
The Sunday Express understands that in the heat of the moment, the younger brother got a stick and began hitting his brother.
The man was found dead on the veranda.
A family spokesperson who spoke to the Sunday Express on Friday said the deceased had been restricted from entering their premises through a court interdict and “his late mother also ordered him not to visit the family home”.
“After his father’s death he had been bothering his mother and siblings as he wanted to become heir to the family estate,” she said.
“In 2008 his mother went to the local court after he caused trouble for his mother and siblings.
“The court ordered him to leave his home and never come back.”
She added that after his mother’s death in 2010 he started to bother his siblings again claiming to be the rightful heir to his parents’ property.
He took his belongings and moved back into the house and then reported his elder sister to the chief saying she was causing trouble for them as she had left her house.
She added the deceased was always arguing with his sister as he wanted her to move out of their home.
“The sister had to sleep in the neighbourhood as she was scared that her younger brother might attack her while she was asleep as he was acting weird most of the time,” she said.
“We took a document signed by his late mother together with the court order to the police showing them that he was barred from accessing the premises.”
He was then told to move out of the house with immediate effect.
“On Thursday we were at the Matala Local court together with the chief.
“The court had earlier on instructed the chief to ask him to stop coming to his parents’ house but he refused when the chief called him,” she said.
“The president of the court asked the chief to summon him for refusing to appear before the court when he summoned him.
He was supposed to appear in court on August 15.”
She said the family told the president that they no longer felt safe because the deceased was always threatening them.
“He came very early in the morning today (Friday) to cause trouble as usual.
“But because I was in my house I didn’t see what actually happened,” she said.
“When I went out I saw someone lying on the ground but could only see his feet.
“Then when I came nearer I realised that it was (my brother), lying on the veranda in a pool of blood.”
The suspect handed himself over to the police.
Police spokesperson Masupha Masupha said he was not aware of the case.
“I don’t have a report on the issue, I only heard about the matter on local radio stations,” Masupha said.

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