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Man charged with murder of cousin

Nat Molomo

MASERU — A Maseru man appeared in the High Court on Tuesday to answer a charge of murder after he allegedly shot dead his cousin in a dispute over a fridge and chisels.
Sello Nkuebe is alleged to have gunned down Qhobosheane Nkuebe in Qeme Ha-’Mantšebo on February 24, 2009.
He pleaded not guilty to the charge.
Crown witness Thapelo Leaba told Justice Tšeliso Monaphathi, sitting with two assessors, that Qhobosheane wanted the fridge and chisels from Sello saying they belonged to his parents.
But Sello refused to hand over the appliances saying Qhobosheane should first reimburse him his M600 that he had spent in paying bail for Qhobosheane’s father after he was arrested.
Leaba said on the fateful day he was fixing Sello’s door when Qhobosheane arrived demanding to talk to Sello.
Sello however “told him that he had nothing to discuss with Qhobosheane and he should go and fetch his grandfather so they could talk”.
Qhobosheane went on and brought his paternal cousin, one Lebohang Nkuebe.
When Lebohang arrived Sello told him that Qhobosheane should reimburse him his M600 adding there was nothing he could discuss with Qhobosheane as he was very stubborn.
Nkuebe then went away and Qhobosheane returned to his parental home.
Qhobosheane came back and this time he told Leaba that he had come to fight.
Leaba said he advised him not fight, but instead go to the chief.
He said Qhobosheane went to the front of the house where Sello was.
“Five minutes after I heard the sound of a gunshot in front of the house where the accused was,” he said.
Leaba said he found Qhobosheane lying on the ground with a knife stuck in front of him.
He said he advised Sello to surrender himself to the police.
The trial continues.

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