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Maliepetsana MP speaks on developments

Limpho Sello

THE Member of Parliament for Maliepetsana Constituency in Mafeteng District, Mpalipali Molefe, said there has been a marked improvement in the reduction of Famo-related murders in his constituency, thanks to efforts by the police and the local communities.

In an interview with the Sunday Express last week, Mr Molefe said his constituency was one of the areas that has over the years experienced a high prevalence of Famo killings, a situation that affected development.

He said following the positive outcomes of the public awareness campaigns led by the police and other partners in the district to reduce crime, he will focus more on development projects he started last year.

“The people of Maliepetsane want to easily access various services, and good roads can facilitate movement. They also want clean water and sanitation, electricity, more schools, clinics, increased capacity to grow a variety of crops and markets in strategic areas where they can sell their agricultural produce. These are priority areas of development for this year,” Mr Molefe said.

He further explained that due to the Famo-related murders experienced in 2016/17, rolling-out of new development projects delayed last year.

“We wanted to make sure that we worked in a peaceful environment where all communities would participate in various activities.”

Mr Molefe said although projects including the construction of gravel roads and provision of electricity targeting five villages were started last year, the plan was to significantly increase coverage and ensure that areas that have been left behind for many years also benefitted.

He urged the business community operating in the district to consider supporting development initiatives as this would help to create new business opportunities in areas lacking various services.

Communities in areas such as Tajane and Ha-Ramochele, he said, needed proper roads and electricity to attract development.

“I have promised the communities in these areas that I will be able to convince the government and look for partners to bring the much-needed development. I will not renege on my promise and will continue to advocate for more resources to be channeled towards development,” Mr Molefe said.

He said so far, discussions with contractors were underway to rehabilitate the Tajane to Ha Ramochele road, to help improve accessibility.

While there is evidence that work has started in the areas of electricity and road infrastructure, the Maliepetsane Constituency is still battling health issues related to lack of clean water in some areas and proper sanitation. Mr Molefe said sanitation was also included in the constituency’s development programme.

“We are also looking at tapping into our natural resources to generate funds for developments in areas such as water and sanitation.”

The constituency is home to some magnificent waterfalls situated in Bots’oele area, a potential tourist attraction that has not been fully exploited.

Mr Molefe said he will soon engage with the Lesotho Development Tourism Corporation (LTDC) for assistance in marketing the attraction for investment opportunities.

“We will need to revive some pony-trekking that used to take place between Malealea Lodge and Bots’oele Waterfalls to encourage community tourism development activities around the area. This can help create jobs for the local communities and help us in our efforts to reduce poverty,” Mr Molefe said.

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