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Make it a purple Spring, African style


Ah, the season of Spring is here! How the year has flown by. Just in case you did not know, the Pantone colour of the year for 2014 is a purple called Radiant Orchid.

Pantone is the international company that assists all types of designers, print and paint companies with colour wheels, colour charts, swatches and so forth, to make their lives easier.

Last year there was much publicity about Emerald Green being the Pantone colour of the year, but this year there has not been much news about purple being the choice for 2014; poor purple has been the shy, shrinking violet.

Purple can look wonderfully smart and sumptuous. It is an elegant, sophisticated colour.

It’s not too late to fall in love with Pantone’s colour of the year – we still have a good few months of 2014 left.

It is possible to Africanise purple by exploring the purple designs available in original seshoeshoe fabric, also known by its trademark, Three Cats. There are a number of stunning original seshoeshoe motifs on the market. Take your pick from dots, florals, circular and geometric designs. There is something to suit everyone.

As a colour, purple is symbolic of royalty and creativity. Spiritually, it also signifies forgiveness.

Wedding season is coming soon, so imagine making a purple original seshoeshoe bed cover as a wedding gift.  Each night when the couple retires, they will be reminded that purple is the colour of forgiveness and that they should forgive one another for any bad words said or tiffs they may have had during the day.

If you are getting married at the end of the year or you are caught up in a friend or family member’s plans for a wedding dress, it could be a wonderful idea to incorporate purple original seshoeshoe in the flounces of the bridal garment. The bride will never forget the year she got married because purple was the colour of the year in 2014.

You could kit out all the bridesmaids in purple too! Each one could wear a different design in purple Three Cats seshoeshoe. It combines stunningly with satin.

And even if a wedding is not in your diary, choose purple Three Cats seshoeshoe for your year-end party outfit, to end the year in top style.

Check on the reverse side of the fabric to ensure you are buying the real thing, not a fake. Genuine seshoeshoe, made only by Da Gama Textiles, has a stamp on the reverse side of the cloth with the Three Cats logo.



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