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Maffa releases new single

Nthatuoa Koeshe

UPCOMING female rapper and singer ‘Malefa Suping aka Maffah has released her a new single titled Oa Mphoqa ko t’sepile.

The single was released in February and is available online on digital platforms such as Audiomack and on her social media platforms.

Maffah told the Xpress People that the song was her first single after her EP Maffah da real which she released in 2017.

“After releasing the EP, I was caught between a rock and a hard place having to choose between my music and love and I chose love but things did not go according to how I had wished,” Maffah said.

She said the song was about lost love and heartbreak and was based on her own experiences after her former partner forced her to choose between their relationship and her career.

“This is a healing song for the heartache that I experienced in my previous relationship and the choices I made,” Maffah said.

“I thought I had found love but somehow I was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea where I had to choose between my career and the relationship.”

However, she ended up depressed having chosen the relationship and decided to write the song after the relationship broke down.

Although Maffah’s musical career in 2016 as a rapper, her love for music was nurtured in her upbringing as a preacher’s kid singing in church.

At one time, Maffah managed hip hop group Boycott but has grown as a musician featuring different genres.

“I have worked with prominent artistes such as like Skebza D, T-Mech and T2 who is my main producer and engineer,” Maffah said.

Maffah only went solo in 2017 with her dancehall EP which had the booming single dubbed Ohh Boy.

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