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Mafeteng Police Station unveiled


Limpho Sello

THE government will continue to invest in the improvement of infrastructure in the Lesotho Mounted Police Service as one critical way to contribute towards crime prevention, Deputy Prime Minister Monyane Moleleki said during the official opening of a new police station building in Mafeteng last Thursday.

Construction of the new police station building, which is situated in the central business district of Mafeteng, started in 2014 after the government realized that it’s status was no longer in line with recommended international standards.

Mr Moleleki said the government is aware of infrastructure challenges at various police stations, hence government’s strategy to ensure that in the coming years, all stations around the country would be up to standard.

“We are building the police stations for a number of reasons, including ensuring that our officers work in conducive environments and also to improve visibility as one critical way of preventing crime. You can imagine a district without a proper police station and well-trained police officers, lawlessness will become the order of the day,” Mr Moleleki said.

He said although police now have beautiful offices, they are still tasked to go out and work 24 hours a day to protect the communities from criminals.

Mr Moleleki said police should work closely with the local communities and support the formation of community policing networks. That way, he said, people can feel that police officers are there to protect and help them in many other ways that promote peace within communities.

“Fighting crime is not a task the police can achieve on their own, you need to partner with the local communities to support your investigations.”

He said police must come up with new crime prevention strategies and innovations to stop Famo-related killings and other senseless murders, adding criminals must also stop targeting the elderly.

“I only have one stern warning to criminals who are soiling the image of this district, we as the government have lost patience and cannot tolerate criminal acts. Police you must go after these criminals with all that you have,” Mr Moleleki said.

Also speaking at the ceremony, the Commissioner of Police, Mr Holomo Molibeli appealed to police officers in Mafeteng to remain people of the law who are there to protect and serve all people in line with human rights requirements.

“This police station is opened at the right time when crime prevention and partnering with the communities is now more important than before. There is no excuse why we should not deliver quality service, because the government is doing all they can to support us. The ball is now in our court,” Commissioner Molibeli said.

He said a police officer is a servant of the people and local communities can only have confidence in the police if they can work with them and show empathy while acting to resolve their problems.

“People visit police stations for many reasons, including for mediation when conflict arise within communities or families, a police officer should always be there for the people as we are servants of the people.”

Addressing the local community present, Commissioner Molibeli said it was sad to note that the Makaota community, once revered for their peace-loving nature, were now in the news because some people had opted for a career in committing violent crimes.

“It is important to always involve the police when there are disagreements.  Committing crimes such as murder does not solve problems, it worsens the situation,” Commissioner Molibeli said.


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